Keenan Takahashi klettert Red Rocks‘ Testpiece „The Nest“ (V15/Fb8C).

Der Japaner Keenan Takahashi holt sich die 6. Begehung des Daniel Woods‘ Boulders „The Nest“ (V15/Fb8C) in den Red Rocks.

Keenan Takahashi meint dazu bei Instagram: „Elation // the quest for The Nest is complete!!! This one was quite a journey; I don’t know if there’s any other move I’ve tried more than the one pictured. So much microbeta, self-doubt intertwined with self-belief, existential crises in full effect, and finally the strangest and most wild sensation of place in the world. Many huge mental and physical battles but the war is finally over! More grateful than ever for all the folks that have believed in me leading up to this, you are the best.“

Photo: Kevin Takashi-Smith (@@kevintakashismith)

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