Nach dem Japaner Keenan Takahashi holt sich Ethan Pringle nach einer, mit 50 Projekttagen verteilt auf fast vier Jahre, doch längeren „Leidenszeit“ die 7. Begehung des Daniel Woods‘ Boulders „The Nest“ (V15/Fb8C), seinem Nemesisprojekt in den Red Rocks.

Ethan Pringle meint dazu bei Instagram: „As many of you know by now, I finally sent my nemesis project, The Nest, last Thursday night around 10:30 pm.

When I first looked at the Nest on a warm spring day in 2014 and felt the holds, it looked impossible. But I was drawn to it by a curiosity of what I was truly capable of, and subconsciously, to disprove the critical and untrue stories I tell myself about my ability. All that, and because it’s one of the most bad-ass hard lines I’ve ever seen. After a couple days, I could do every move. After a few more days, I sent the V13 stand start, and I thought a send of the entire line was imminent. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. Despite some very close attempts, I just couldn’t quite seem to put it all together. Every failed attempt seemed to compound the fear that I might not be able to do it.
But even though hiking up to The Nest and continuing to project it started to feel more like a dreadful chore, I wouldn’t allow myself to give up.
Finally this season, I saw Keenan (who also recently sent it) hike the crux with different beta- the same beta the previous three ascentionists used to send it. The statistics were undeniable. He made it look so easy that I committed myself to learning it. The instant I did, my psyche was renewed. While still difficult, this new method was leagues more consistent.

On Thursday night I found myself at The Nest alone. I noticed my inner monologue speaking more positively about my chances than usual. Sure enough on my third try of the night, I stuck the crux move from the ground, but was so shocked I rushed the last hard move and slipped off, agonizingly close to success. I was excited and frustrated, but I kept trying. Another couple tries later, (with my GF Stacy watching and encouraging from my phone over face time!) I stuck the crux move again but this time I took my time and didn’t slip off. I latched the hold that marks the end of the hard climbing with a guttural yell, climbed to the top of the boulder in disbelief, and screamed like a banshee for several minutes, releasing the frustration, self criticism and anticipation of over 50 days of effort.
In the end, I don’t regret a single one.“

(c)Archiv Ethan Pringle