Dorothea Karalus wiederholt „Entwash“ Fb8a in Valle Verzasca (Schweiz) und stellt dabei fest, dass manchmal auch ein Zug Probleme machen kann :-). Dafür war es für sie um so befriedigender, wenn man es dann doch schafft. Vorher konnte Doro auch noch „Black Pearl“ Fb7c+/8a wiederholen.

Dorothea meint zu Entwash bei Instagram: „Understanding a move is something I find super satisfying. The 3rd move on ‚Entwash‘ 8A always felt pretty impossible, as your center of gravity is so far left that its really hard to pull on the left sloper.
This trip I stuck it pretty quick and did the problem from one move in. The next 30 tries from the start the move felt like always, impossible. Had I just gotten lucky that one time? During the next restday I thought about all the little things I could do differently. Next time I focused more on my right foot…et voilà: did the problem! Almost more happy about the fact that I could repeat the move 4 times (out of 4) “

Fotos: (c) Dorothea Karalus