Clément Lechaptois gelingt mit „Foundation’s Edge“ 8C im schweizerischen Fionnay sein zweiter 8C Boulder. Es war gleichzeitig die erst zweite Wiederholung des Boulders, nach Shawn Raboutou, welchen Dave Graham im Jahr 2013 erstbegehen konnte.

It’s a huge overhang of perfect granite. The hard part consists of 10 intense movements on edges and delicate feet deplacements.
I started to try FE last fall and thought I was close to do it because I was able to do the hands moves pretty well but it was actually the feet moves that gave me the more troubles. I had a busy year at university so I couldn’t come back there at that time. Just coming back in pretty good shape from Colorado, I needed two more sessions to climb this incredible boulder. Respect to Dave for the FA.“