Ondra Beneš, Matěj Svojtka und Christian Fascendini gelingt mit „The first Lucky Strike“ 7c in Asaseachic, Chihuahua, Mexiko ein neuer 500 Meter langer Big Wall. Sie waren dazu eine Woche vom 29. Januar bis zum 4. Februar in der Wand unterwegs. Die Kletterei scheint ziemlich aufregend gewesen zu sein, wenn die Jungs gleich mit Rauchen angefangen haben.

Ondra Beneš schreibt dazu bei Facebook: „In #basaseachi (#mexico ) and the whole area is one of the nicest place I saw in my climbing life. My and @matejsvojtka and christian came there for an adventure and we got it fully. This wild canyon offer many unclimbed walls for first ascents. We found totally untached 500m wall, that we named La Catedral. During the 7 days we where able to climb thrue very lose and very scary parts to the great and solid rock in the top parts. „The first lucky strike“ 7c is alive and will stay in our minds for ever. We are leaving this magical place. Next stop is a famoust bouldering area Penoles. So from the big stone to smaller one  Big thanks to @mytendon and skykings.“

Alle Bilder (c) Ondra Beneš