Paul Robinson weilte nach einem erholsamen Urlaub in der Tschechischen Republik zwei Wochen im Schweizerischen Bouldergebiet Ticino. Neben einer beeindruckenden Ticklist kamen auch zwei sehr schöne Videos dabei heraus.

Paul meint dazu – Teil 1: „After a few days of holidays in Czech Republic, We drove over a few international borders to the bouldering mecca of Ticino, Switzerland. It had been a few years since I had been to Ticino and I was super eager to get back! There are so many new climbs and it is great to be able to try them all out!“

Teil 2: „After a day or so of bad weather, the cold sunny days returned to Ticino and it was back to the action! I really concentrated this trip on quantity and quality rather than picking one 8C and spending my entire time on it. It was a nice approach and one that I seldom go for. With such incredible bouldering in Ticino, there is always a perfect line to get on that you have never tried before! Enjoy!“

Die Boulder in Teil 1:

Entwash, V11/8A
Wie Im Urlaub, V10/7C+
King’s of Sonlerto, V13/8B
Heritage, V14/8B+

Die Boulder in Teil 2:

Last Samurai, V11/8A
Apollo, V11/8A
Ponk, V11/8A (Flash)
Walk The Line, V12/8A+
Khumba Mela, V12/8A+ (3rd Ascent)
Flash Flood, V13/8B