Dem Briten Steve McClure gelingt Route „GreatNess Wall“, ein langjährige Trad Climbing-Projekt am Nesscliffe, England. Mit der Bewertung (E10, 7a) dürfte dies einer der schwierigsten Trad-Routen in Großbritannien sein.

Steve dazu: „The Nesscliffe Headwall project goes down. A fluke window of opportunity taken. I’d convinced myself it would be OK, running it way out there on the top wall. After all, the maths looks acceptable; gear at about 12m, potential fall from 18m. But on lead it was all just a little harder and that final stretch was horrifyingly close. Just about recovered today and got my heart back in the right place after it ended up in my mouth. GreatNess Wall. E10 7a, or something like that, but total three star. Thanks to Ed and Adam Booth for the catch and Nick Dixon for the inspiration.“

Bild: (c) Keith Sharples