The „Queen of Boulder“ Alex Puccio zieht mal wieder mit „Doppelgänger Poltergeist” im Rocky Mountain National Park (USA) einen V13/8B-Boulder.

Kaum zu glauben, aber wahr, Alex hat mittlerweile über 30 Boulder im Grad 8B und härter auf ihrer Ticklist, darunter sind auch schon sechs 8B+ Boulder.

„Sent this fun climb yesterday. Tried it at the end of my session a few days ago and fell from the jug on the lip before topping out and was to tied to send. Felt the pressure to get it done next day on it due to the snow that melts under the entire boulder which creates a pond which will make it a shallow water solo. 

Didn’t feel rested at all, wanted another day of rest, skin had holes and bleeding, muscles were sooo sore, BUT my mind was psyched! Sent it first try the next session! „

Photo: (c) Robin Oleary