Logan Barber gelingt mit Japanese Deep Freeze“ (8b/31), am Mt. Buffalo, Bundesstaat Victoria, die wohl derzeit härteste Rißkletterei in „down under“.

Barber ist bekannt für seine harten Tradklettereien rud um den Globus, So erschlß er unter anderen  Chinas härtesten Risse mit „The Firewall“ ((8b/5.13d) and „Honeycomb Dome“ (8b/5.13d) bei Liming im Jahr 2015. Im letztem Jahr gelang ihm die  12. Begehung des Risstestpeces „Cobra Crack“ (8c) in Squamish, British Columbia in Kanada.

Logan Barber bei Instagram: „Sent the crack project! Really good crack boulder route next to Malcolm Mathesons Chinese Water Torture crack. Japanese Deep Freeze 31 is now Australia’s hardest pure crack climb. Thanks to @zach_ for the photo and the send belay. @liam_nicholls99 on belay in the photo.“

Logan Barber has established the hardest pure crack climb in Australia, „Japanese Deep Freeze“ (31/8b), at Mt. Buffalo, Victoria. The short, power-endurance line, which has remained an open project since the 1990s, involves a shallow, flaring 0.75 granite crack on overhanging terrain and challenging gear placements.

Barber is well-known for his ascents of some of the hardest crack climbs around the world, including the first free ascents of China’s hardest crack climbs The Firewall (8b/5.13d) and Honeycomb Dome (8b/5.13d) in Liming in 2015, and last year the 12th ascent of the 5.14 testpiece Cobra Crack (8c) in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.

Photo: (c) Instagram