Die Französin Caroline Ciavaldini holt sich eine Wiederholung des Vierseillängenklassikers „The Quarryman“ (E8 7a) am Twll Mawr in den Llanberis Steinbrüchen in Nord Wales. Bereits im April 2016 gelang Caroline die Begehung der berühmten Verschneidungseillänge und schwor die Route noch komplett zu wiederholen. Nun kam sie zurück und konnte den Rest der Route klettern.

Caroline schreibt dazu bei Instagram: „The groove pitch of the Quarryman In a few years, when I think of the day I did the Quarryman with James belaying me, I will remember this crazy moment where, hands pushing both sides of a glass like groove, I was trying to turn my body around. I nearly did it, realised my shoulder was so much behind my back that I wouldn’t be able to rotate any further, and let go of that hand… fell about 30cm, and stopped, my foot on one side, my ass on the other side… In a million tries, I would never be able to reproduce such a movement. It all went wrong, I should have fallen, but somehow, I didn’t. It took me a few seconds to realise where I was, and I heard James yelling “come on Caro, you can do it, keep on going”… and started moving back up. Trust your luck, It’ll happen.“

Der berühmte Klassiker wurde schon in den 1980er von der britischen Kletterlegende Johnny Dawes erstbegangen. Dazu hier das äußerst sehenswerte Video.