Ryuichi Murai berichtet bei Instagram, dass er „The Game“ im Boulder Canyon (USA) geschafft hat. Es war sein siebter Boulder im Grad 8C und gleichzeitig  die 5. Begehung des Daniel Woods Boulder aus dem Jahr 2010. Jetzt wird es mal Zeit für einen 8C+ Boulder ;-).

„I’m so happy to send Daniel’s masterpiece ! It took 2 days to send. First day, this boulder was bad condition due to rain and snow. I could do compression moves of upper part on the day, but bottom part (from start holds to 3rd hold) was so wet, and I couldn’t do. Second day, this boulder was better condition and I managed to climb it in the evening. When I touched this boulder at the first time, I was certain that I can climb because I’m good at roof climbing and compression moves. So I could do quick ascent though it’s a hard problem.“

(c) Oda Momo