Der Schweizer Giuliano Cameroni ist auch manchmal mit Seil unterwegs. Heraus kam eine absolut beeindruckende Linie “Simple man” (8c) entlang einer scharfen Kante im Schweizerischen Klettergebiet Val Bavona. Eingebohrt hatte die Linie seine Freund Fabrizio.

„Val Bavona is one of the best climbing spots: massive world class boulders are sitting alongside a small road that crosses the valley, waiting to be climbed. The style is incredibly variated and the rock usually features steep and powerful lines, some of which are too big to be bouldered. That’s why I got psyched on bolting and opening small routes, like this spectacular arête recently equipped by a local friend, Fabrizio @chiodo_duro Seems like it’s gonna be a really good season with a motivated rew!  @jwebxl @dawoods89 @keenantakahashi @patinaeater @samuelometz @kevintakashismith let’s goooo“