Bei Matt Fultz geht es weiter bergauf. Nachdem er vor erst vor 18 Monaten sein erste 8C Boulderproblem klettert konnte, ist er mittlerweile bei der Zahl 10 angelangt. Nun konnte er Daniel Woods „Hypnotized Minds“ im „Rocky Mountains National Park“ kurz RMNP seine erste 8C+ klettern. Es war die 4. Begehung des Woods‘ Boulders aus dem Jahr 2010.

„A special moment. Just me, Hailey, and some snow.

Such a process…In 2018 I made some big, promising links during just my 2nd session trying it. However, a few tries in I totally annihilated a pulley in my left index finger. Took months to heal. Took longer to mentally recover and decide to try Hypno again. Then followed hesitation, regression, doubt, bad weather, traveling for comps…the goal seemed to get further the more I tried it. But I continued to return with reckless optimism. Early Spring 2020 I made it to the last move and fell, but just days before I left for Switzerland.

COVID hit, RMNP shut down, and I struggled with situational depression. I gained 10 pounds. Climbing was the last thing I wanted to do. Even still, I would run through the moves in my mind once each night before bed.

As July rolled in and climbing outside was given the green light, motivation began to swell again. Everything in my control was directed toward improving my chances at Hypno in the Fall. Hailey helped me lose weight, @g1climbing and @tensionclimbing helped me train, and my clients at @otgstrength kept me motivated.

My first day back on it 2 weeks ago, I quickly realized I could send it this season. A couple sessions (and splits) later, I fell off AFTER grabbing the lip and finally, yesterday, I found myself on top 2nd go of the day.

Thanks to everyone for the support! It really means the world to me. I miss you and hope we can climb together again real soon.

1. @westmountainmedia shot of me working it a couple weeks ago.

2. Topping out on the send (I’m trying to decide what to do with the full send footage!)“

Foto: (c) West Mountain Media