Die 21-jährige Niederländerin Tiba Vroom kann mit „Riverbed“ im Schweizerischen Magic Wood ihren ersten Boulder im Grad 8B melden. Ganz einig ist sich die Community da nicht. Daniel Woods bewertete den Boulder mit 8A+. So oder so eine Klasseleistung der jungen Niederländerin.

“Wow, what a boulder problem, what a process! I can’t quite believe I actually sent this true legend of a line yesterday, my first 8B!
I’m so incredibly happy that I had the opportunity to stay in Magic Wood and fight this battle to climb Riverbed. More than just physical, it was a real mental battle. So many ups and downs, insecurities, victories. For the first time in my life I feel like I really came face to face with myself, and this trip has tought me so many lessons I am incredibly grateful for!
And I could have never done it without the people around me who supported me and were willing to make the neccesary sacrifices throughout every stage of the process
Thank you SO much @bodhi_climbing for the hospitality, my sponsors @madrockclimbing @nihilclothing for all the support. Thanks to everyone who believed in me, and thank you @jorgfranken for going though all the highs and the lows with me with all the love and support you could give me. I could not have done it without you. 

And of course thanks for the great photos (Hannes Kutza) again!“

Foto: (c) Hannes Kutza

Hier das Video der Begehung bei mellow