Die Schwedin Matilda Söderlund entwickelt sich immer mehr zur Allrounderin.Nach einem Flash einer 8b+ Route im Jahr 2012, konnte sie 2019 eine 9a-Route klettern. Letztes Jahr schaffte sie dann ihren ersten 8b-Boulder.

Nun konnte sie mit „Parzival“ (X/8b) an der „Westlichen Dreifaltigkeit“ im Schweizerischen Alpsteingebirge ihre erste schwere Mehrseillängenroute klettern. Dabei konnte sie auch die Schlüsselseillänge im erstem Versuch klettern. Die 150m lange Route wurde 2017 von Michael Wohlleben befreit.

„Parzival, 8b (150 m, 6 pitches) – my first multi pitch project – wow, what an incredible adventure!

Thursday 19 august I had a perfect day of climbing. We were in the clouds all day, with big swarms of birds passing by every now and then and accompanied on the wall by @michiwohlleben (who made the first free ascent in 2017) cheering me on from his project. Conditions were crisp and cold. I managed to climb the route with no falls and leading all pitches, with @guidemats as my climbing partner and belayer. Reaching the summit of my first multi pitch project was almost a surreal feeling. Extra happy that I managed to do the 8b first try and then climb the last to pitches (7c and 7a) flash/onisght. 

About two years ago I started thinking and dreaming about being able to climb big walls. Back then I had zero experience of multi pitch climbing. It’s been a learning process that I’ve invested a lot in. To finally be able to play the game in this climbing discipline feels super exciting, even though I still have a long way to go and more to learn. I look forward to future projects! Feeling very proud and it’s a climbing day I will forever remember.“

Foto: (c) Måns Gullgren