After Moritz Welt was able to climb the two hardest routes at the Colosseum at Burggaillenreuth (Franconia) last year with ‚Der Heilige Gral‘ (11) and this year with ‚Demonstrating my style‘ (11- / 11), Moritz first became a route rescuer on his favorite rock active.

The impressive scenery of the crag Colosseum: Moritz Welt in ´Der heilige Gral´ (11; Photo: (c) Lars Decker)

The impressive backdrop of the Colosseum: Together with and under the guidance of Joshua Schulz, the 17-year-old renovated the routes ‚Nix wie Verdruss‘ (8-), ‚The Silence of the Lambs‘ (9-) and’Orgasmatron‘ (9-) in the valley side of the rock. The climbs were in the mid-nineties – as was customary at that time – furnished with stainless expansion bolts and were no longer safe to climb. In addition to the retrofit work, the two freed an ancient project on the right edge of the Dome of the Rock and called the line ‚Ludus Magnus‘ (9+), after the biggest gladiator school in the old Rome empire. Also new is a clean route: The fourth hook of the ‚Steel Fist‘ draws a hookless rift, which now calls itself ‚Balls of Steel‘ and also checks in at 9+. The Colosseum is one of the most impressive rocks of the Frankenjura. The gigantic passageway on the upper edge of the Wiesenttal is home to two of the hardest routes in Franconia. Really easy routes are not there, the approach is uncomfortable, even dangerous in wet weather.

Text: (c) Sven King – 10th August 2018