Chris Sharma works equal in to two extremely projects. „Twin Sister of Bon Combat“ in the Spanish climbing crag ‚Cova del ‚Ocell‘ near the city of Barcelona is a variation on „El Bon Combat“ (9b/9b+). The route, which opened up Chris in the year 2015 is unrepeated. The other project is the „Le blond project“ in the Spanish climbing area in Oliana. Chris says in an interview with Kevin Corrigan von „I think it’s about a 30-degree overhang, so it’s steep enough that it’s very athletic climbing, and at the same time it’s vertical enough that you can grab really small holds. It’s the perfect recipe: a mix of steepness and face climbing. Can you describe the crux of Le Blond? The first five or six bolts is just nonstop bouldering. So it’s very powerful power endurance climbing. The bottom section could be 9b [5.15b] alone. And then it goes straight into this other section, which could be a short 9a [5.14d] without any rests, so it’s pretty burly“.