The German Firnenburg-Brothers David and Ruben, who resided in the „sunny south“ to climb  the routes „First Ley“ (9a +, David) and to try „Barbie“ (8c +, Ruben) in spanish top climbing crags. Ultimately not give here’s the conditions, long and especially dry routes to climb. However could the short, hard and maximum bouldery routes „Ley Innata“ (8c +), Ruben „Jungle speed“ (8c +) in Margalef and „Trond Llamps i“ (8c +) in Siurana in short time, even if the last moves climb with headlamp.

David:“  „Escaping the wetness in Margalef. Some years ago I couldn’t even do the gaston move. Today less than 2 hours (5 tries). Ascend with head lamp in the darkness. 8c+ for me although a hold broke (as far as I know).“