Taylor McNeill has done the second ascent of James Webb’s Southern drawl in Chattanooga suggesting an upgrade to 8C. After Nalle_Hukkataival and Paul Robinson tried in vain. Taylor tried 5 days spread over two years in this boulder. It was Taylor’s second boulder in that grade after „The Big Island“ (8C) in 2017.

Taylor by Instagram: „Ultimate satisfaction. Belief beyond all doubt. Never giving up. After seven attempts of struggling on the lower moves and not improving, it all seemed unlikely. I sat deep in the cave out of sun and had a moment of realization. I already hadn’t climbed it and knew that I had to be okay with it. I accepted the failure and felt a wave of relief come over me. I was at peace with the situation, satisfied that I’d tried my best and knew I’d be back eventually. That said, I don’t quit, ever. I booted up for another attempt and sat down under the start. For the first time in 15 days I didn’t feel the pressure or the anxiety to preform and was rewarded with 45 seconds of pure bliss. 
As far as difficulty, @jwebxl proposed V14. This is without a doubt the hardest problem I’ve ever climbed and fits my style perfectly. Aggressive wide compression on slopers, this one was literally made for me. It feels a massive step above the Big Island, which has been climbed and confirmed at V15 by climbers from all over the world. @nalle_hukkataival and @paulrobinson87 tried it and speculated it’s much harder than Jimmy originally thought. I’m proposing an upgrade to V15, don’t believe it’s that hard??? Go prove me wrong, I’ll give you directions  None of this would’ve been possible without the support and belief from @madrockclimbing.  Stay tuned for that footy coming soon . Can’t thank everyone enough for all the encouraging messages and support, y’all are truly amazing!! Much love it’s been a journey. On to the next!!!“