This year a lot was happening at the „ Hardest boulders in the world “ Grade 8C and harder, which is eleven boulders less than last year and five lower boulder than in 2016.

Shortly before the submission deadline came with „No Kapote Only“ a new boulder for which a 9A was proposed. This first ascent by Charles Albert raises the question of the hardest boulder in the world, of course. Let’s wait until he puts on climbing shoes.

In addition, „only“ three 8C + were first ascented. one of these, the Boulder „Sleepwalker“ has even been repeated twice.

There are now 150 Boulders in Grade 8C and harder. Of these, 22 are Boulder by the Japanese boulder master Dai Koyamada and 13 Boulder by Daniel Woods. The third place went to the Finn Nalle Hukkataival, who also propose for a boulder the grade 9A with „Burden of Dreams“.