The impressive documentary „The Sand Rules – The Saxon and Bohemian Climbing Rules“ by Fabrizio Zampetti and Andrea Rizzi shows the fascinating climbing on the sandstone towers in the Czech Republic and the Saxon Switzerland from the perspective of „foreign“ climbers. The rock towers Saxon / Bohemian Switzerland nearby from Dresden has a long history of climbing, and in the film Fabrizio Zampetti and Andrea Rizzi, with the help of the „Locals“ Tom Krul, learn a lot about strict ethics and the usual safety technology: Saxon Switzerland as the, or at least one, cradle of free climbing The film shows the microcosm full of tradition, which retains the charm of adventurous climbing, as experienced in its early pioneers.



– Main climber: Tom Krul

– Second climber: David Bezděk

– Third climber: Michael Richterve

– First camera: Fabrizio Zampetti |

– Second camera: Andrea Rizzi |

– Direction: Fabrizio Zampetti – Andrea Rizzi

– Editing: Fabrizio Zampetti

– English translation and adaptation: Luca Cardamone

MUSIC by Artlist: – eternal life by ziv mora – land called fantasy by ziv moran – seaside psalter by dylan drake – take me on down – instrumental version by jay denton – the deafening silence inside your head by the soundkeeper – with us by lior seker – young one instrumental version by kipp wilde