More than forty years of age lie between the two climbers who climbed the route „Pure Dreaming“ in the Italian climbing crag ​​Massone near Arco.

For the 52-year-old Alfredo Webber was it the second 9a route. He could only climb with his first 9a route at the age of 48. The only 1.59 cm tall climber sends in March of this year a free-solo ascent of the route „Panem et Circenses“ (8c). certainly one of the hardest freesolo ascents in the history.

Photo: (c) Giacomo Tonoli

On theclimber Andrea Chelleris, only 12 years old, climbed his first 9a with „Pure Dreaming“. He should be the youngest climber to do this. Andrea has been living in a van in Arco with his climbing-savvy parents since mid of June and needed 19 sessions to climb the route. Andrea is actually a very good skier and became the Italian ski slalom champion in the spring. In winter he trains five times a week on the ski and then swaps his skis for a rope in spring. Andrea started climbing at the age of 5 and was able to climb his first 8b + route at the age of 9.