Shortly after his success in „Grand Illusion“ 8C +, Matt Fultz was able to climb his next and 4th 8C+ boulder with „Creature from the black lagoon“. The boulder in Rocky Mountain National Park, RMNP for short, was first climbed in September 2016 by Daniel Woods and has now been climbed by the 30-year-old American.

Matt climb his first 8C boulder over two years ago and is now over ten boulders of this grade or more. In addition to „Grand Illusion“, he climb three 8C+ boulders with „Sleepwalker“ this year. We can be curious to see how Matt will go on.

„My second V16 in as many weeks. This one took me a long time, about 100 beta changes, and way too many miles of hiking. But I don’t mind. Makes the payoff so much sweeter!“