Elias Iagnemma succeeds in repeating „Burden of Dreams“, the world’s first [9A] boulder, for the third time after Simon Lorenzi und William Bosi.

Finally is done!
What a night and what a fight.
I have no words to describe all of this.
The dream come true.
A special thanks to my wife @steppph_dove and my family for believing in me and supporting me in this incredible process.
Thanks to @lasportivagram and @brazz_fromtheflock the best partners I’ve ever had!
Soon the video.

The boulder was first climbed by Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival in 2016 and has not been repeated despite many attempts by well-known climbers.

The boulder is located in the Lappnor bouldering area (which is why the boulder is also known as the Lappnor Project), around 100 kilometres east of the Finnish capital Helsinki. It is about four metres high and overhangs by about 45 degrees and consists of only five extremely difficult moves. Nalle Hukkataival describes the project as „a very simple boulder with straightforward and brutal frontal climbing. No tricks, just raw power.“

After the first ascent, Hukkataival named the boulder Burden of Dreams, in reference to the documentary of the same name from Werner Herzog’s 1982 film Fitzcarraldo.