Der Norweger Thilo Schröter schafft mit “ Spray of light“ in den Rocklands in Südafrika seine ersten 8c Boulder. Er kletterte den Daniel Woods Boulderaus dem Jahr 2015 schon als zweiter Norweger nach Martin Mobråten und als 8. Kletterer insgesamt. „Ganz nebenbei“ konnte er noch mit „Simba“ Fb8a/+ eine Erstbegehung verbuchen.

Thilo meint euphorisch auf Instagram: „What a day‼ Two years ago I extended my trip to Rocklands with one mission – to send Spray of light 8C. My skin ripped badly on my first day of the extension and for two weeks I hiked around the Cederberg’s alone looking for untouched king lines. I found the line in the picture and got to try it on my last day of the trip. Yesterday I was back on it, alone, on a rope, carrying up pads, and prepping it for the next day. Today I woke up at 6:30 AM, hiked up to Spray of light, and after 5 days of effort this year and approximately 10 days two years ago it went down with a huge fight! As if the day couldn’t get any better I went up to the project in the evening with the great company of @nik_engebretsen@rasmus1808@sverrejohnsen and @jeppegruner, and fought my way to the top with my very last drop of energy. Simba 8A/+ it is! Best climbing day of my life ?“