Im „Alter noch fit“ auch der Schweizer Chris Frick macht es vor. Der 52- jährige Kletterer konnte jetzt die Route „Los Humildes pa Casa“ im spanischen Oliana punkten. Chris begann erst 1992 mit dem Klettern und konnte bisher Routen bis 8c punkten.

„Back in black! Little Chris on the huge wall of Oliana… Where does the journey go to? Me on the 1st pitch of ‚Humildes pa casa‘. One quickdraw more (the blue) and the route splits into three giant extensions: on the left the too tempting and beautiful but maybe too hard ‚Mind Control‘ with it’s crazy crossover move at 45m (from 50)…  …in the middle the immaculate mono-tufa of ‚Humildes pa casa‘ which make me feel to be too stupid to grab…  and on the right the emergency but sooooo long exit of ‚Humildes par‘riba‘.  All routes too good! I need six month off work, please! Should I try crowdfunding? „Support old dinosaur for sending Oliana-Classics“
Foto: (c) Toni Masbuchaca