Jonas Winter kann mit „Power of Now“ seinen dritten 8C Boulder klettern. „The Power Of Now“ liegt im schweizerischen Magic Wood und wurde erst im Juli von Giuliano Cameroni erstbegangen.

„After seeing the video of the first ascent of this stunning line by @giuliano_cameroni i instantly knew that i have to visit magic wood again and get my hands on this beauty diamond.

Giuliano is one of the most activ first ascentionist and his passion and work he puts into developing world class boulders is a huge inspiration to me.
The biggest source of motivation for me are aesthetic lines like this, they give me the energie to train, even if i live in an area where there are way more gyms than rocks.

Thanks to @bodhi_climbing who gave me enough crashpads to try this boulder ( you can fall in all directions on those huge dynamik moves) and @jooshua_l and anna-lena for beeing brave enough to spot my not escpecially ligth ass.“

Fotos bei Insta: (c) Hannes Kutza