Fabian Buhl hat dem Bouldern ja nicht ganz abgeschworen und weilt derzeit in Bishop (USA). Dort konnte er sich eine Wiederholung Alex Honnold der 15 hohen Highballs  „Too big to flail“ V10/5.13d sichern. Glückwunsch Fabi.

Fabi meint dazu bei Instagram: „Too big to flail“ V10/5.13d from @alexhonnold is probably the headiest #highball in #bishop . I did it on command on toprope, yet the slabclimbing up high at about 45 feet is very unsecure. Yesterday I could take the mental barrier of climbing it without a rope. In the end my headspace was free of doubts and I climbed it with total confidence and in a perfect flow. Exactly what I hoped to get from it. Soon @stefanschlumpf and me will share more pictures of his #blackandwhite #anlaog vs #digital fineart story we did together during the last week on most of the highballs in bishop! Big thanks for the support @melissaleneve @stefanschlumpf and @gtraversi !!!! @adidasterrex @lasportivagram @petzl_official @climbonproducts #accesstheinaccessible #livewithoutlimits #highball #mental #challenge #goodtimes #climbing“.


Foto: Archiv Buhl (c)