Die Schwedin Matilda Söderlund holt sich eine Wiederholung von „Golden for a moment“ (5.14b/8c) im Sektor „Cathedral sector“ bei Welcome Springs in Utah (USA) .

Matilda schreibt dazu bei Instagram: „WOHOO! Golden for a moment (5.14b / 8c), first female ascent ?
A golden moment. I came to Utah with one goal, one route in mind. On the very last day of the trip it all came together. An EPIC battle all the way! I am incredibly happy to have climbed Golden, at the Cathedral sector in Utah, and also to be the first woman to do so. One of the most amazing routes I have ever done, pure fun all the way (like it should be). SOOO PSYCHED! ?“

Fotos: (c) Sophie Odelberg