Nalle Hukkataival: The Swiss responsible persons from the „St. Gotthard tunnel project“ paid 300 000 francs for this boulder. It’s the costs for the relocation are really seriously, we don’t know. The 12 meter high granite block located on the road that leads to the Gotthard Pass for thousands of years and was shrouded in local legend. So much so that when the new road was planned in 1975, local opposition forced the builders to move the 2000 ton boulder 127 meters further north and now we’re climbing on a rad project on the most expensive boulder in the world. Thanks Switzerland! Afterswards the boulder just known as „Teufelsstein“ and the first boulder  „Deal with the devil“ (Fb8b) was created.   Fotos: Nalle_Hukkataival und Giuliano_Cameroni