Loic Zehani has done his tenth 9a with the FA of ‚Les mollahs du mur‘ in Orgon which was bolted by Olivier Bert.

„This winter I would love to try „Le Bombé Bleu“ at Buoux (maybe 9b) and mythical project for sure. Last year I did almost all the moves (just the first one where I could not do the land a two finger pocket properly after a mega jump. It’s a fantastic line in a fantastic place bu it’s very dangerous for the fingers.“

LBB was bolted by Marc Menestrel in 1991. Many of the top climbers like Ben Moon, Stefan Glowacz, Chris Sharma, Fred Rouhling and Iker Pou have tried it saying it is indeed super beautiful. Noteworthy is that in 1993, a french magazine reported it to have been done and graded 9a but today nobody believes this to be true.