The Germans Michael Scharnweber and Tobias Wolf were in France to try an unfinished, i.e. not continuously free-climbed project on the „Rochers du Midi“ by Phillipe Mussatto, a French climbing icon. Routes like „Ali Baba“, „Trouterapie“, „Les 40 Voleurs“ and „Carnet d’Adress“ first ascented by him and are true masterpieces. The two tried a free ascent, except for the 5th pitch. After a day’s rest, the idea matured to blink this pitch via a free-climbing variation. In this way, the project finally succeeded. More at


Charliberté „8a“

FA:Phillipe Mussatto

FFA: Michael Scharnweber and Tobias Wolf (30.09.2021)


Length: 235 meters /7 Pitches


Material: 20 quickdraws und 2×60 m ropes

Abstieg: Abseiling

Approach: 1 h from the car

Fotos: (c) Tobias Wolf