Tobias Wolf and Thomas Hering climb „Direct Line“ aka „Platinum Wall“ at El Capitan in Yosemite Valley California. The 39 pitch-long tour offers (X- / 5.13 +). Tobias says: „Great climbing and kudos to the first-time hikers, and this route has shown that Yosemite, despite the prohibition of drilling machines, offers modern routes with many hooks.“ Nowhere else in El Capitan are there so many drills in one Route and still have to climb challenging between the hooks below technical climbing as in Fontainebleau above strong wall and also Riskletterei.With 5.12+ compulsory demanding overall experience 29 of the 39 lengths are 5.12 or heavier and really light lengths there is not really The route is associated with a lot of rope logistics, it can almost be said that you need a static rope of at least 130 m in length (Longer is also not bad if the bag gets stuck.) Since the last and the third last heavy length are often wet in the spring recommends the fall. „