Vadim Timonov for 14 days in the Swiss Topbouldergebiet „Magic Wood“ in Switzerland. Here he could manages the 3rd ascent of the Nalle Hukkataivals Boulder „The Understanding “ 8С. In addition, during his two-week stay in his tick list:
Practice of the Wild 8B+\C
Believe in two 8B+
New base line 8B+
Ill Trill 8B+
The Never Ending Story 8B+
High Spirit 8A+
Sofa surfer 8A+
Massive Attack 8A+
The bizarre Ride 8A+ (flash)
Voigas 8A/+
Body count 8A
The left hand of darkness 8A/+
Piranja 7C+
Conan 7C/+ (flash)