Christof Rauch join the Boulder story. After the classic „Bokassa’s Fridge“ (8C) by Toni Lamprecht from the year 2009 Christof gets the 3rd ascent of „Nanuk“ (8B+) in the Berchtesgaden Alps. The FA of Boulder of Klem Loskot dates in the year 1997.

Christof dazu: „Nanuk“ (8B+), first ascent by the legend Klem Loskot in 1997! Back then it was the second 8B+ problem in the world! With yesterday’s perfect conditions and a huge fight I was able to nab the 3rd ascent of this crimpy beast. Psyched to climb a piece of bouldering history! Thanks to my dude @_burney for the support and the photo!“

Here is the video of the First Ascent: