Toni Lamprecht, the legendary local of the climbing area in Kochel (Germany) has opened another two 8B’s in Kochel, Jessica Jones and Tyler Durden.

I worked the whole winter (2-3 sessions in the week, depends if I go skiing or not) on a really hard (8C?) roof project. So „Tyler Durden“ is the exit of that project in combination with a 8a+-finish. I tried that 4 days, but I know the exit really well, because it is the finish of „Marla Singer“ from 2004.

„Jessica Jones“ I tried on and off for the last 2 years. It is a crazy short problem with 3 moves. Needed 20 sessions to figure out the right solution and another 3 days to combine it. There would be an 8B sit start to it. Next season? I guess, because the temperatures jumped over 20° now. I might go surfing or do some multipitch stuff near by.“