Coudert Camille has done the first repetition of Alban Levier’s La Force 8C (9a or hard 8C+) in Fontainebleau, which has a harder exit then the more frequently done „Quoi de neuf“ 8C. Coudert has add five 8B’s of his tick list, „The boulder is 7C+/8A and 8B to 7C finish, with a good rest between 8A and 8B. it is about 35 moves long so it is hard to give the whole line a boulder grade. A 9a route grade has also been suggested but in comparison to existing trav grades 8C+ would fit. I started working on La Force seriously a month ago. I needed five sessions to take it down. It is my biggest achievement so far in a style I’m not used to work on (a long effort being a boulderer). I think this problem cannot be considered as a route or a boulder. It is something in between that’s why I think the 8C+ traverse grading is more appropriate.“ (8a agrees with Camille but instead we call such long climbs without a rope, a boulder route and adding 8Cc+, in order to separate from route or boulder grades).