It must have to do with the genes. After Brooke, the daughter of the sport climbing legends Didier and Robyn Raboutou (née Erbesfield), manages two 8B boulders in a double pack in one day last month. She was now able to climb „Two Ton Skeleton“ (8B) and „Jade“ (8B +) in the Rocky Mountains National Park (RMNP) climb two 8B (+) boulders within one day. The latter boulder was originally graded 8C and then later downgraded. Only last year Brooke was able to climb her first boulder with „Muscle Car“ in grade V14 / 8B + and is one of the few women who could climb a boulder of this grade.

„Jade has always been a “bucket list” climb for me, but one I thought I would always need to be stronger to do, or even try. The first day I was on it I was pleasantly surprised by how I felt on the climb, second day I fell on the V10 stand and yesterday I was able to send first try of the day and felt as though I was floating up the wall. Last try of the day I managed to send Two Ton Skeleton 8B (+/-) after watching @drewruana demolish Creature from the black Lagoon 8C+ (V16). It was an incredible day, one I will remember forever!

I feel so grateful to have this time to explore the park. I have learned so much in the past few months from pushing myself outdoors. I continue to grow as a climber and person every day I spend out there, realizing what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it.“

Photo and support: (c) Finn Stack