Emma Twyford, one of the best female multi discipline climbers in the wolrd, has done ‚The Big Bang‘ (9a) in Lower Pen Trwyn (North Wales). The route  opened by Neil Carlson in 1996 as the first 9a in the UK. Emma did the third repeat of the route and she comments on DMM Climbing:It went first go today. Conditions weren’t even that good and there was no wind. I think that helped in a way because I felt no pressure. Angus Kille and I had the crag to ourselves.“ 

„At the top, I thought to myself did that actually just happen? I wasn’t pumped and it had felt like a path. There was also a fair bit of swearing in relief at finally getting it done.“

Emma, who is working full time as a route setter and coach, is currently the best British female trad climber, see his ascent of ‚Big Bang‘ E9 6C and this summer she did some hard multi-pitches in the Dolomites. Today she is setting their national championships but then she will get back to us with some comments.

Photo: (c) John Bunney