Jorge Díaz-Rullo has a sensational run this year. Now he gets the 3rd ascent of the probably hardest route in the spanish climbing crag Cuenca. Jorge would upgrade the route to 9a + / b after some breakouts. On the same day he was able to climb „El intento deseado“ 9a, so that this year the young Spaniard has already climbed 21 routes in the 9th French grade.

„I am so happy after sending this project, one of the hardest routes in Cuenca. First and second ascents were done by @pablito.barbero and @ramonetjp who proposed 9a+, but after some crimps broke and by how many tries it took me to send it, I personally think it’s more 9a+/b now, but this is just one more opinion. It was an amazing #doublesend day with „El intento deseado“ 9a , which I sent after. These routes are my 20° and 21° in the 9th grade this year .“

Photo: Javi Pec