About every three years, the Geoquest team from Halle/ Saale (Germany) goes on a journey into the unknown. The team is excited about the new and they are mostly looking for rocks that have never been climbed before. The places of the earth on which no human foot has ever stood become less, but they still exist. In doing so you will get to know other people and cultures, with whom we will come together in a context that allows completely different insights than if you only come as a short-term visitor in the context of a booked trip. The serenity, openness and hospitality to strangers is always a refreshing experience that we would find very desirable in many situations here in Germany. And, last but not least, they collect insights and suggestions for their books and get to know areas for which a new climbing guide may be worthwhile. This year they were in Kyrgyzstan. Here is your amazing report:

Part 1: Tash Rabat

Part 2: Son Kul

Part 3: Karavshin

Pic and Text: (c) Geoquest-Verlag