Thomas Lindinger has done the 4th ascent of Toni Lamprecht’s ‚Bokassa’s Frigde‘ in Kochel (Germany). The almost 10 years unrepeated boulder of the „Bulle von Kochel“ was downgraded by Christof Rauch to 8C, after his ascent in february of this year . For Thomas was it his first 8C -Boulder. „I started to work Bokassas last autumn when Chris Rauch figured out a shorty beta for the stand. Being able to climb the stand also made me think about the 8C for the first time. It took me five sessions this season to get it done Overall about 10-15 sessions I guess. I think the key to climb my first 8C was the possibility to try it often as it isn’t far away from Munich and that it fits my style perfectly.“