The 35-year-old Swiss Cedric Lachat sends with ‚La Rambla“ his fifth route in grade 9a +. The Route ist the „Kingline“ in the Spanish climbing area of ​​Siurana. It was also the 27th repetition of the route. The route is and remains the most frequented 9a + route in the world and also one of the oldest routes of this grade. In 2003, Ramón Julián Puigblanque managed the first complete ascent of the route, after Alex Huber climb the route in 1994, with the extension of the 5 meter. This „short form“ originally rated 8c+, is now considered 9a.

“I tried long time ago, it was an old nemesis. The first it was after I did “La reina mora” (2015). Then I tried 2 years ago but conditions were hot. Last year I invested some time on it, during 2 months and 5 there and go from Grenoble…and I finished with a pulley damaged. I did only 10 tries and I was falling 8 times at the crux at the end, at this deadpoint move to the twofingerpocket left hand. This year I tried Andrada’s beta at the crux, instead of holding the vertical crimp right hand to the twofinger pocket with the left hand undercling, I hold this one going to a gaston-sloper right hand and then to the twofingerpocket left hand. It’s harder physically but it’s less random. I did it directly with this beta this time! Dani found this beta but I think I’m the first to send the route with this sequence (watch the video up). Rock starts to be polished in this one with amount of chalk. Very dirty. Please brush the holds of your projects!” 

Photo: L’algérien