Isabelle Faus announces her 22nd 8B-Boulder or harder with „Chimichanga Classic“. Among them are, with „Amandla“ and „The Wheel of Chaos“ and „Memory is Parallax“ also three 8B +. Only Alec Puccio has more boulders of this grade on her account. Already in 2015, Isabelle was the fifth woman ever to have an 8B + boulder with „Amandla“ in the Rocklands and has since solved more than 100 boulder problems from Fb8a to Fb8b +.

“Chimichanga Classic” V12 ,, fun fun!! Was hard for me and took sometime to find beta that worked for me. Did this last week and yesterday did normal chimichanga! , that one gets an extra point, back to the right side of the boulder next !“

Photo and Video: (c) Chad Greedy