Video: Kim Marschner sends 'From Dirt Grows The Flowers' 8C

On his last day in Chironico (Switzerland) Kim Marschner sends the 14th. ascent of ‘From Dirt Grows The Flowers’ 8C . It was Kim’s second 8C boulder after ‘Spray of Lights’ last year. ‘From Dirt Grows The Flowers’ was first ascented by Dave Graham in 2005. Kim managed to walk on “Sissyfuss” (8A+) on the same day. 

“Finally got it done. After falling at least ten times at the mantel I could keep it together at my last day in Ticino and sent ‘From Dirt Grows The Flowers’ 8C.
With an ascent of ‘Sissyfuss’ 8A+ I made it to one of my best climbing days in life. Thanks @flo.wientjes for the best support!
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