The 23-year-old Ukrainian Ievgeniia Kazbekova is currently in the Franconian Jura and has now, under the eyes of local Alex Megos, climb an 8c route with “Father & Son”. It only required four tries and given the route the personal grade 8b +. Shortly before, she was able to flash ‚Hell boy‘ (8a +; X- / X).

„It took me 4 tries to link it. Such a nice power endurance route. I would love to say that I did my first 8c abroad, in Frankenjura, but honestly, it felt more like an 8b+ to me, even though in the guide book it is still 8c. Just before I as well managed to flash „Hellboy“ [8a+]
I’m happy to see that my shape is improving and I’m looking forward to trying more stuff in the Frankenjura, which feels already like home.“

Photo: (c) Alexander Megos