Due to a serious accident in Hersbrucker Switzerland in Northern Bavaria (Germany), we would like to point out the following: Please note the DAV’s recommendation for top roping at individual fixed points, which is unfortunately not so well known (Outdoor-Klettern BLV Verlag 2013, p. 76 or outdoor climbing license (in German)). Checks the bolts for the toprope for possible damage and the rock around it for strength. This also applies to all neuralgic bolts. A toprope should always be set up using a screw carabiner or two quickdraws oriented towards one another. In addition, if there is only one toprope lower off, the last intermediate safety device should remain attached as long as it is not too far away. If the toprope lower off takes place from the lead, all fixed intermediate securing devices should remain attached, ideally in the rope line running to the safety device. This makes it more difficult for someone to unintentionally unhook the last intermediate backup. Please report any damaged, loose, or sanded bolts that you notice, but also larger loose blocks to the local climbing associations and not only post them on the Internet. Mark them with a simple X using chalk or tape. If possible, take meaningful photos and write down the damage more precisely (x. Hook in route y).