In his latest post, Adam Ondra talk aboute the grading of climbing routes. So you learn a lot about your view of the most popular point of contention in climbing, route evaluation. One of his statement is also interesting: ‚I can safely say I will never climb a 10b‘.

Adam is one of the benchmarks in this range, just because of his enormous number of routes in grades 9a + to 9c. Of the 145 routes currently available in this area, Adam himself first climbed 40 routes and repeated many more routes. This means that Adam Ondra more or less sets the benchmark in this area of ​​difficulty. With the „Open Air“ route, Alex Huber had the honor of being the first route in grade 9a +. Hardly any of his ratings have been questioned so far, which is certainly also due to the statistically small number of climbers who move in this grade.