The 15-year-old Oriane Bertone is currently in Italy and can climb her second 8c + route with „L’extrema Cura“ (8c+) in the italian climbing crag Gravere near Turin, after her own route combination Panonoramix el les Cyclope„. Oriane, who flashed the first pitch, found the route easier: „I didn’t felt it as an 8c+, I flashed the L1 and the last part is a little bit morpho but not that hard! Thanks anyway !“

„Here „L’extrema Cura“ (8c) in Gravere near Turin. Nice route despite the chipped holds. Very close to plastic style. I flashed the first section which stops 2/3 of the route and gives an 8a+ (L’Extrema) in my first session about a week ago. It took two more sessions to send the last crux where I’m very stretched.“