Matt Fultz, reported on his Instagram account, he manages the first repetition of „Death Star“ (V15 / 8C). Daniel Woods first ascented this boulder this year. Matt was climb his first 8C boulder problem 19 months ago and when he reach the number 12. Also he climb with the Daniel Woods‘ „Hypnotized Heads“ in the „Rocky Mountains National Park“ (short RMNP) his first 8C +. It was the 4th ascent of Woods‘ Boulder in 2010.

„Brilliant boulder from @dawoods89! Took me several sessions of work, but very happy to do it 2nd go today since my shoulder is usually sore for a week after I try it. The stress and tension has been building for Hailey and I as Colorado forests burn and threaten evacuation of many cities. However, I feel very blessed to have been able to find a moment of gratitude in the forest today.“